Get a free $25 Target gift card when you buy an annual Shipt membership

Get a free $25 Target gift card when you buy an annual Shipt membership

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Get a little help with grocery shopping when you sign up for Shipt.
Get a little help with grocery shopping when you sign up for Shipt.
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TL;DR: Buy an annual Shipt membership gift card for $99 from Target and get a free $25 Target gift card, as of Aug. 25. Or buy a six-month membership at $49 to receive a free $10 Target gift card

It’s still difficult to navigate the best ways to safely shop for groceries. If you have the means, grocery delivery services are still quite popular, and you have options besides Instacart and Amazon Fresh. Shipt, the same-day delivery partner of Target (as well as several other supermarket and drugstore chains), offers plenty of options, and a special offer for a free gift card is enough reason to consider them as your source for instant Bagel Bites delivery.

Save on deliveries (and not just of groceries) when you get a free $25 Target gift card when you buy a 12-month Shipt membership gift card for $99 at Target. If you decide to just commit to a six-month Shipt membership for $49, you still get a free $10 Target gift card. The Shipt membership arrives via email, so just go to to activate your credit and start your new account. 

The free Target gift card is also delivered electronically and goes a long way towards your next grocery order. But the Shipt membership provides enough savings on its own. Besides same-day delivery from Target, you can also shop from your other favorite grocery chains and retailers (you can add your zip code here to see which ones are in your area). And a Shipt membership means there’s no delivery fee on orders over $35, or a $7 delivery fee for orders less than $35. If you use Shipt for a single order without the membership, you’re hit with a $9.99 fee for every delivery. 

Grocery delivery services may cost more than driving to the store yourself, but you can’t beat the convenience. And a free gift card is a perfect chance to take Shipt for a spin to see if they can satiate your desire for pizza on a bagel. 

Get a free $25 Target gift card when you buy an annual Shipt membership

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Published at Tue, 25 Aug 2020 17:24:54 +0000

10 Things You Should Never Google

Never Google there 10 things. There is an important reason why you should never search for yourself on Google and why most people don’t like doing it.
In most cases, Google can be a great help in finding something you need. However, sometimes it can work against you. Moreover, at the end of the video, we will show you which information you can google safely. But first, here’s a list of things you should refrain from googling.

Never google your symptoms 0:47
Never google anything criminal 1:25
Never google information about cancer 1:56
Never google bedbug infestations 2:32
Never google skin conditions 3:05
Never google smokers’ lungs 3:39
Never google dangerous animals 4:11
Never google your name 4:43
Never google blackhead removal 5:34
Never google giving birth 6:00
What to google then? 6:39

What Can You Google?
However, instead of looking for the unpleasant things in this list, you can always have fun with Google. Just try searching for anything starting with “why,” “how,” “do,” etc. The most popular searches will show up, and you will be surprised by what many people are interested in.

– Looking up the meaning of your symptoms on the internet will not help you. Quite the reverse — it will make you feel worse and panicked.
– Keep in mind that security and drug control services always track these kinds of searches and your IP address can appear in such a database.
– There are so many types of this disease, and most of them occur with symptoms that could be very common for many other harmless conditions. Most people experience such things as dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc., so you’ll probably mistake something else for cancer and start panicking.
– Have you ever thought what bedbug infestations look like? If you want to continue sleeping at night, you won’t look it up.
– There are many diseases connected with the skin, and most of them look really bad. For some reason, you can find online images of almost all of them. However, it’s much better to stay ignorant because this kind of content can be disturbing.
– The web is full of images of the abnormal lungs of heavy smokers, which you could take too seriously and freak out. You can, of course, try googling this if you need a strong motivation for quitting, but it’s better not to.
– There are a lot of really terrifying animals on our planet, and some of them will probably turn out to be in your region. Moreover, such a phobia may discourage you from traveling.
– . If you try to google your name, most probably you will stumble upon some unpleasant results. Bad photos of you, outdated information, irrelevant content — we take such things way too seriously.
– It’s so weird that blackhead removal causes such visual satisfaction for many, but it sure does. So we advise you to stay away from this.
– The process of giving birth is a hundred times more disturbing than we see in movies. It’s especially dangerous for women to watch and may even discourage them from having children at all. So don’t even try to search for this.

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