Google Show Ads Website Targeting – How to Target Site Placements with Google Ads

Examine out our video where we cover targeting websites with your Google Show Network projects. In this video, I go over site targeting strategies, how to develop lists of site positionings for your advertisement targeting, how to utilize the Google Show Planner, and more.

Google Display Advertisements Website Targeting:

The Google Show Coordinator tool used to make it much easier to discover websites to target with your ads. However, you can still find sites, YouTube videos, YouTube channels, Apps, and App classifications by entering keywords, expressions, particular words, YouTube video IDs, and URLs. Google will discover associated URLs based on your searches, an you can target your ads to various websites and content in general with ease.

Personally, I choose to target sites together with audiences and demographics to discover the right audiences for your Google Show Ads. Targeting sites on the GDN has actually been among the popular targeting methods on the Google Display Network considering that I have actually begun with Google AdWords. It might be described as placement targeting or site targeting on the Google Show Network.

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In this tutorial, you will see us discover positionings for and You can determine exactly the ways and strategies I utilize to find positionings consisting of sites for targeting. Normally, I start with 100 sites for my targeting and continue to add more site to my campaign.

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