How to Use iSpionage and SimilarWeb

So, what are iSpionage and SimilarWeb? And how can they reinforce your digital material method? Join Whole Whale TELEVISION’s Olivia to discover the answers to these concerns, and more– watch this episode to find out exactly how to utilize iSpionage and SimilarWeb, and let these content tools do the rest.

Developing a data-driven content technique is essential for any organization, however it’s hard to achieve this goal without letting content writing and SEO take over your life. iSpionage and SimilarWeb make it simple by using free insights into your not-for-profit’s digital material performance, providing the information that allows you to take advantage of the keywords and subjects with the most potential. Boosting your online content is an important action towards achieving your objective and delivering the greatest degree of social effect that you can.
Whole Whale is a digital company that leverages information and innovation to increase the impact of nonprofits. In the exact same method the Inuits utilized every part of whale, Whole Whale leverages existing resources to see, “What else can this provide for us?”

By using information analysis, digital method, web advancement, and training, WW develops a ‘Data Culture’ within every not-for-profit company they work with.

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