What Does HubSpot Do|Breaking Down HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Software

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After publishing my “5 Must-Have Marketing Tools” video, I received a concern about HubSpot. A viewer was interested by all of the capabilities I mentioned about HubSpot in that brief video and asked if I would do a video devoted on unpacking the ins and outs of HubSpot. I understood that a lot of the concerns he had about the platform, I had also received from many others. So in this episode of the SMA Marketing Minute, I am going to spend some time breaking down and demystifying HubSpot. We will take a look at:.

HubSpot’s Material Optimization System (includes Website, Blogging, Email, SEO, Forms, and CTAs).
HubSpot’s Website Hosting, Speed Optimization, and Security.
HubSpot’s Landing Pages.
HubSpot’s Social Inbox and Tools.
HubSpot’s Email Tool.
HubSpot’s Contacts & Lead Management.
HubSpot’s Integrated Analytics & Optimization.
HubSpot’s Interconnected Marketing Automation.
HubSpot is a powerful toolset that provides a terrific ROI if you put it to work for you. Let’s get into the video!

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